Ingenious Technology

Smooth business. Sharp performance. Sweet success.

Adopting smart technology doesn’t have to be rocket science (although it can be!). It’s about knowing what tools and solutions are the best fit for your people and business. To help you achieve this, we’ll evaluate your current tech stacks, capacity and resources against your goals and aspirations – ensuring that you’ve got what’s required to deliver remarkable results at pace.

Moving through insight to innovation

All of our tech work is centred on helping you create a single point of truth for your business, so that you can know what’s happening right now, while at the same time take decisive action for the future – all at the press of a button.

And speaking of your future, our expert team of solutions architects and data scientists have experience across a wide range of industries, allowing us to help you exploit opportunities that others may miss. From complex data-driven products to ground-breaking media tools, we will ensure that you’ve got exactly what you need – right when you need it.

Collaborative project implementation

Working alongside your own tech team, we can offer the additional savvy & support required to manage complex projects of ALL sizes to ensure delivery stays in scope, on time and within budget. Now isn’t that refresching!

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Refresching Outcomes

Digital transparency

Audit your IT and technology workflow to highlight quick wins and hidden problems

A single version of the truth

Enabling the C-suite to quickly & accurately identify what’s happening in the business at any given time

Enhanced intelligence

Confirm your gut feeling with data driven insight

Expanded opportunities

Build new products & services by exploiting best-in-class tech solutions

Increased efficiency

Dramatically reduce time/effort in achieving results by adopting winning methodologies

Core Capabilities


Tech strategy roadmaps
Continuous tech landscape assessment
Rapid prototyping of new products
— — —


Agile coaching & training
Tech training and advice
Phase and development planning
Collaboration tools
 — — —


Business data exploitation analysis
Rapid visualisation
Machine learning
Prediction, explanation & modelling
Metric generation to track performance
— — —