Leadership Impact & People Work

You want to achieve amazing. We help you make it happen.

“Extraordinary” is easier said than done. To achieve it, you’ll need to set ambitious goals that will push your company to the edge of what’s possible.

Awesome performance accelerated

Re.fresch can help you to shape and share your aspirations for your business. And together with your best and brightest, bring everyone in step – armed with the tools required to maintain peak performance along the way.

How we get it done

We see amazing results by working with leaders to contrast current reality with their ambitions; creating a tension – a tension that can only be resolved by moving the business towards theses aspirations.

Our techniques elicit factors that keep the organisation stuck in the past, and facilitate the leadership overcoming these factors so that you can move forward. We find broken processes that employees feel hold them back from delivering against targets, and assist you in repairing and removing these processes. And we sometimes find people who are blocking progress, and who need to be moved out of the way.

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Get Refreshed!

  • Improve your skills and savvy as a great leader of a great company
  • Deliver and command accelerated performance from you people
  • Align your people & technology with your ambitions at pace
  • Transform your KPIs from presentation ‘filler’ into clear, collective promises
  • Create quick wins that build a ‘how to’ & ‘we can’ culture
  • Move from cooperation to collaboration
  • Achieve vertical returns by flattening your organisation
  • Effectively respond to risk
  • Decommoditise your business through differentiation
  • Communicate from the head & heart